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You can hire Rezar Domínguez as a solo artist, to do an intimate concert. Rezar is an allround musician. His repertoire consists of classical- , jazz-, spanish-, southern american- and popular music, so it will be easy to find a proper repertoire together.

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Rezar Domínguez

Rezar Solo

Rezar started young playing the guitar inspired by his uncles. He studied classical music at the conservatory but found his passion in the Flamenco guitar.

He studied with Manolo Franco, Jeronimo Maya, Chicuelo, Curro de Maria, Paco Fernandez, Myrddyn, Stochelo Rosenberg among others.

Rezar founded several flamenco-projects combining Flamenco with classical music ("Misa Flamenca") with jazz and other world-music elements ("Impetu", "Muchachos"). With which he toured in the national and international circuit. He worked 12 years as a Flamenco-guitar teacher at the Music school of Maastricht also accompanying the Flamenco-dance lessons of Marta.

He also accompanied the Flamenco-dance lessons / workshops from Patricia Guerrero and Kuki Santiago and Eduardo Guerrero, Joselito Fernandez and many others.

Rezar toured with the ROSENBERG TRIO, for which he composed/arranged the music.

He founded in 2012 Grupo ZYRYAB, which combines elements of flamenco, jazz and classical music. Rezar also arranges all the music for grupo ZYRYAB.

In 2013 Rezar did some concerts with the genius Jerinomo Maya what resulted in a cd recording!

In 2014 Rezar was lucky enough to record with Jorge Pardo (Flutist of Paco de Lucía) through a project of his good friend David Minguillon on the cd "Puerto del Mar".

Rezar formated the group "Muchachos", with Juan Peñas, Jozua Rosenberg, Marta, Fernando Santisteban and Juan Sarria. They were recorded and represented by Sinti Music. They performed at the International Gipsy Festival, Oerol Festival and the Gipsy Road Tour, etc.

In 2015 Rezar did a serie of concerts (including live radio performance) with Laura Engel, for which he also arranged the music. The line-up was: Laura Engel (soprano), Rezar Domínguez (guitar), Kyu Min Chang (piano), Lukas Dahle (percussion) and Judit Díaz Álvarez (cello).

In 2015-2016 Rezar had the pleassure to play some concerts in the "Lunar Project", which was a very contemporary jazz formation, with lots of influences. Together with Jesse Passenier - vibraphone/drums (arranger for the famous Metropole Orchestra), Isabel Bermejo - singer, Roderik Povel - piano, Jos Heutmekers - saxophone, Mateusz Malcharek - doublebass, Tim Daemen - trombone and Rezar Domínguez - guitar.

In 2016 Rezar did a concert with the famous Paco Fernandez - guitar (brother of Esperanza) and Rafael De Carmen - dance, together with Marta - dance/percussion, Vanesa - singer/saxophone, Isabel Bermejo - singer, Rauf Berman - violin, Lukas Dahle - percussion and Sarai Erkens - guitar.

In 2017 participated in the national tv production: "De meesterbouwers van de nieuwe Stradivarius" from AVROTROS and NPO Cultura.

In 2017 the line-up for Zyryab is: Juan Peñas - singer, Vanesa Diaz - singer/saxophone, Marta - dance/percussion, Helen Hendriks - flute , Faiz Huseynov - violin and Rezar Domínguez - guitar/arrangements.

He produced and wrote the music-scores of several (instructional) books/dvds; Stochelo Rosenberg, Paco Fernandez (part 1&2), Myrrdyn. He wrote three books from Vicente Amigo for his students.

Rezar also teaches several disciplines of the guitar since 1993, in which he focuses on technique, harmony theory, improvisation and lots of fun, etc.