Rezar Domínguez


Since my early childhood the only way to play a song I wanted, was to "hear out" all the notes one by one. With the years my ears developed greatly and I always made transcriptions to not forget the pieces. When I became older I also started to make transcriptions for my students. And my transcribing skills developed also. I was asked in 2004 to transcribe the musical notation of the book: STOCHELO ROSENBERG (Gipsy Jazz). This book was published in four languages. Later I transcribed three books from VICENTE AMIGO (Flamenco) for my students. In 2007 I transcribed and produced two books from PACO FERNANDEZ (Flamenco). In 2010 I transcribed and produced a book about MYRDDYN (Flamenco). Furthermore I transcribed a lot modern flamenco, like ANTONIO REY, JOSE MANUEL LEON, RAFAEL CORTES, ANTON JIMENEZ etc.

On this page you will find some examples of my transcriptions (Freebees).

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Below you can listen to the Sibelius file.


Tierra Vicente Amigo